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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Long Term

If you are a digital nomad like myself or have done any type of long-term traveling you probably know staying fit and healthy while traveling can be difficult.

One of my friends here in Valencia is still working hard to get back in shape and lose the weight she gained while traveling across South-East Asia.

But it’s not so much weight loss or just healthy eating I want to focus on here. I want to address your overall physical health which is affected when traveling.

Whether it’s from carrying around backpacks for months on end or from working on your laptop at local cafés with uncomfortable chairs that hurt your back. Or just from sleeping on bad mattresses.

And what about your exercise routine? Apart from when I lived in St Maarten where I went diving six days per week as part of my job, I know that it normally takes me a while before I get into a good exercise routine.

I recently spent a month working from Medellin, Colombia, where I shared a house with Melissa, a physical therapist from the USA.

One evening we met up with a group of digital nomads and ended up talking about backaches, knee injuries, and other discomforts while traveling. This is when I realized that it really is harder to stay healthy while traveling, and especially when traveling regularly or long term.

So after spending a month with Melissa, receiving so many tips about how to stay fit, prevent backaches, and improve my posture, I asked her if she would like to put some of her tips in writing.

And this is the result: 5 practical tips on how to stay healthy during long term travel.

It is much easier to get into health routines when your life is stable. Things get more complicated when your life involves a lot of travel, hotel stays, quick meals, etc.

Here are some things you can do to stay healthy and keep your body in good shape while you are traveling.

You’ll have more energy, a better mood, and you’ll be smarter (yes really, I’ll explain why below)!

Start planning your potential health habit challenges before your trip.

Reschedule your workouts so the travel day is your rest day. Try to work in a walk once you arrive. Wiggle on the plane! Doing ankle pumps or simple stretching exercises can help promote blood flow and help you feel a little less stiff once you arrive.

Look up fitness centers near your destination. Many smaller, privately owned fitness centers offer day passes or short term memberships.

A solid workout routine should include moderate-intensity cardiovascular training most days per week, strength training for major muscle groups 2-3 days per week, and flexibility exercises intermittently.

You can do it! Planning your workouts ahead of time will help you stay healthy while traveling.