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How Not to Get Sick on a Cruise

If you’re headed out on a cruise this season, you have to worry about regular travel illnesses and germs, plus sea-side ails: Seasickness, jet lag, viruses, sun poisoning, consuming contaminated water, and over-eating or -drinking are all common causes for sickness on a cruise. Here’s how to not get sick on a cruise.

Viruses and Flu
Prevention/Remedy: Start your battle against germs with these handy sanitizing spray pens, but also pack a severe cold and flu, day and night caplet combo pack to have in case you do catch something while traveling.

Jet Lag
Prevention/Remedy: If you find yourself unable to sleep, take immunity, plus melatonin pills from Live Better. To help fight off jet lag during your flight or trip, try homeopathic jet lag-prevention pills or an oral spray.

Prevention/Remedy: Even if you don’t normally get motion sick, seasickness is a whole other ball game. Most people use Dramamine (or other motion sickness tablets), but if you want to go a more natural route, check out anti-nausea ginger gum, essential oils, or a seasickness band—these are all great options because they’re non-drowsy.

Sun Poisoning
Prevention/Remedy: We’ve all been the overeager vacationer who spent just a few too many hours tanning on the first day of vacation. Don’t let a sunburn or even worse, sun poisoning, ruin your cruise. Prevent this overexposure to harmful UV rays by using proper sunscreen and application techniques (don’t forget the lips), but also cool off with refreshing aloe vera lotion to alleviate any burns.

Over-eating and -Drinking
Prevention/Remedy: From buffets to open bars, it’s easy to overindulge on a cruise. Pack some electrolyte powder mixes or tablets to help rehydrate your body after drinking, as well as some stomach relief like antacid tablets to take as needed.

Drinking Contaminated Water
Prevention/Remedy: While the water on board goes through a strict filtration system and is safe for drinking (you can read more surprising cruise ship facts on our sister site, Cruise Critic), many popular cruising destinations might not have safe tap water. To avoid drinking contaminated water, pack a reusable bottle that filters water like this one, as well as some anti-diarrheal tablets just in case something doesn’t agree with your body.